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Fabulous Poetry?..

Scribbled by Bharath C On February 06, 2006

  1. What do you want to write a poem about? For our example poem, we'll write about a country called Djbouti.
  2. Begin your opening paragraph for your poem. For example: "Off the coast of Africa, Is a country that exports no paprika. No cows, no geese, no flocks of sheep, Djibouti's income is rather cheap."
  3. Continue into your moral of the story, if there is one. If not, just continue on explaining about it. "If you go to Dijibouti, don't expect to find much water. For from there and here, it is much hotter! Don't look for a creek with a river otter, 'cuz you won't find it, not when there's no water!
  4. Something not to do? Keep repeating!! You usuallly shouldn'treuse a word in one stanza. But, if you look at the example above, you will see that I used 'water' twice and it sounded OK. So use your best judgement. And don't keep on going and going with words that rhyme. It's great to rhyme for a little while, but then you need to move on to the next stanza and start a new set of rhyming words. For example: "Do not go to Djibouti, If you're looking for a booty. For if you look up Djbouti, In a very nice big muti, You will find that Djbouti, While looking in a muti, is not a place to go to find your booty.


  • If you're writing poems for kids, make them rhyme. If you are writing a poem that doesn't rhyme, make sure it flows well.


  • Don't make your poem too long, and don't make it too short.

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