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Scribbled by Bharath C On January 08, 2006
Clearly I remember
we belonged together
how could I ever forget
that you loved me

Long long time ago
I was a boy in love
and I threw it all away
just because I wanted to play

Spending most of the time
just running around
and around
wishing I could set the time
back to those wonderful days

Many years have gone
but every night I
have the same dream
holding you tight
waiting for the morning light

Wondering what you
feel for me today
would you be shocked
if I came to your door
and asked you to let me in
don't be afraid
it will never happen
because I don't dare to do it
afraid of loosing
my dream

If you understand
what I am talking about
don't stay at home
go out and find and fight
for your lost love
don't wait for a man
who is too afraid
that he should lose his face
if he ever came close
to you again
it is not a shame
to take the first step
and to try
to make it work again

Clearly I remember
we belonged together
how could I ever believe
that I would forget
someone like you
my only love

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