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Scribbled by Bharath C On January 08, 2006
Why does it have to be like this
do you really want your life to go on
fighting every day to make ends meet
don't you want to find out
how to use your imagination
and point out your direction
to another dimension

Free your mind
take the time
do it now

Close both your eyes and rest your thoughts
your mind will open up the third eye
and you will clearly see
how everything will be instantly
just listen to my advise
and you will soon get
many wonderful surprises

Are you ready to receive
all that free floating energy
if you want you can
start to build a triangle figure
not as big as a pyramid
just the shape to cover your bed
where you will be laying tuning in
the most powerful vibrations
that will bring your life into a state of mind
where you will be able to understand
the way of life to all of mankind

You are now starting to learn
and the most important thing you have to do
is to slow down your thoughts
about every day life in the way you know it
you have to begin from scratch
but don't you worry
your brain will show you what to do
it might take a little while before you fully understand
what is beginning to happen
you will earn so much from this so you must be
willing to spend some time
traveling around in your mind
before you can be able to find out what living is about

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