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Life and Death

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Scribbled by Bharath C On February 08, 2006
Long time ago
we were childhood friends
we spent nights and days
trying to break away
and we had a lot of crazy fun

You have to know
with dope
there is no hope

We took all the chances
and had many
great romances
until we met the Dragon Lady

We got older
but we did not get wiser
soon no one of us
could be trusted
because we denied to learn
from our mistakes

We got separated
and one day I heard that you
had tried to fly like a dream-bird
but you crashed down into
the hard and waiting ground
beside the public toilet seat

Then I found out
what this life is about
and I am telling you this now
you got to know
with Dope
there is no hope
no hope at all

Long time ago
we were the best friends
but it all came to a very cruel end
you died with a dirty needle in your arm
and there was nothing I could do
to save you

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