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Scribbled by Bharath C On February 08, 2006
All this war almost everywhere you look
that is going on and on
and all they can gain
is to set us back in time
with no future left
to dream about

The Earth is turning
and the blood is drying
stop this burning fire

All this talk about peace
and the rising taxes
and the only way they want
to use the money
is more powerful weapons
and greater plans
with deadly intentions
who is responsible for this chaos
one thing is sure
we are all a little bit guilty

Start using your senses
and get rid of the crazy men
who are sitting in their leather chairs
spreading out all this fear
don't be afraid
you have the right to set the people free
start up now
it will be very easy
it will be too late when they stab you in the back
one more time with their lies
you are not alone
come on come on
it is time
we have to get rid of the crazy men
before they get rid of us

All this crazy war almost everywhere in the world
when will we stop producing
mines guns aerocrafts tanks bombs warships rockets
and when will we stop selling
what we already got in our overfilled stores
so we finally can get some peace

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