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Scribbled by Bharath C On February 08, 2006
All the way to nowhere
for no reason at all
misguided a long time ago
because somebody
did not want us to know
that there was a meaning
in the way of living
as human beings

Where did we turn wrong
why did they lie
when will we understand

We are born to die
because we have forgotten
how to live our life normally
and how to understand
everything that we see
we can compare ourselves
with fish in a fish tank
because we can not
find the way out of misery
our memory is blank
but deep inside
maybe something could be found

What can we do with this problem
I will try to tell you
you have to break the mirror
so you can see and understand
what life is like
at the other side of the big lie
and with this I mean
that you have to set your mind free
and start to think in a brand new way
and then you will be able to find out
how to live and feel
like in the beginning of time
when everything was fine

All the lonesome way to nowhere
without any map to guide
along the dangerous track
they tell us all to walk upon

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