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Scribbled by Bharath C On March 08, 2006
Is it really such a long time ago
how nice it is to meet you again
my old friend
how do you feel
have you had some good times
I my-self have thrown away
many good chances

Come on let us find the way
back to that good feeling
it has been gone for so many years

Tell me about your life
do you have a wife
and some beautiful children
or have you been acting
like in the good old days
I my-self have been up and down
in this town

What have you seen
and where have you been
since you left the scene
did you really get to the highest top
in Katmandu
or have you been sleeping in the sand
all this time
I my-self have been all around
in many great lands

What are you saying
can't you remember my name
and that you are in a hurry
and don't have the time to be hanging around
in this boring town
now I remember what happened
we were the best friends
I once took your pretty girl
and best friends share everything
except the same girl

Come on let us find back to that good feeling
it is never too late
to forgive an old friend
you must not forget that we were young
and wild
and you did some stupid things too
and I was hurt when it happened
but you seem to forget
that I forgave you everything
so why be so cruel and hard in your heart
telling me that you don't know me at all

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