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Scribbled by Bharath C On March 08, 2006
I used to be number one in this town
always creating so much fun
but in present days I am not
the smallest shadow of myself
locked away in this prison cell
not feeling so well

I have done something wrong
and now I have to pay
I am locked away to stay

I used to be free and now I can see
and I feel in my soul what life returns to me
with giving me a second home
that does not come close at all to my own
now I have to live my life alone
in this big cold house of stone

I used to be happy and filled with joy
and all I feel now
is like a scared little boy
afraid of the beast
who is living under my bed
how could it be
that it was me
that had to experience life in this way
why do I have to stay the rest of my days
in this rotten place
which is changing me into an unknown being
that can not understand
the difference between love and hate
I don't know
but time goes

I used to believe that I could do anything
and get away with it
but it is so far from the truth that it
is possible to get
and it is no use for me to regret
I have to stay locked in for a long time
but they must let me out someday
and then I will change my lifestyle radical
and get myself a complete new life
without crime

I used to be number one in this town
and I will be it for sure again
but in a complete different way
that will astound everyone
that once knew my name and reputation
this time I will destroy
the consisting decay
and there will be shown no mercy

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