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Scribbled by Bharath C On April 08, 2006
I have become stone cold in my lonely heart
nothing can move me at all
I don't care for anything any more
my feelings are gone with the wind
I am no longer owner of my soul
I know I am going to die in sin
because I let the Devil in

Drifting in the wind
living in sin
drifting in the wind

I have become so never minded these days
yes I am directly blinded
I can not see the way to go
but it does not mean that much
I am not going to stay here very long
I am just waiting for the Gong
to call me to my eternal home

I have become so fearless inside lately
nothing makes me want to cry
I am not afraid to meet the
cross over man
who is going to show me the way
over the finale border line
where I am going to lay down
in the desert sand and die slowly
with a cigarette in my hand
thinking of all the girls
that let me down

I have become the master of my mind finally
and now there is everything to gain
because every pain
has suddenly disappeared into thin air
and I can for the first time in my life see clearly
what I shall do with my life
so I can be free to live like a man
all the time
I have become aware of the real danger inside
and it is passivity

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