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Scribbled by Bharath C On October 08, 2006
Believe in a big wonderful
strong body
dreaming of perfect triceps
and most of all
a 56cm biceps
don't think about the danger
no use in a mind or brain
as long as he can gain weight
every single day

Russian pills
makes life so complete
steroid head will commit suicide
after a very short while

Running over all the beautiful
young girls
who are working out
at the studio that he likes
to show off his
great latissimus
and wonderful upper chest
a steroid head doesn't
have to rest
because he is always the best

There is only one thing
that is bringing him down
and that is that his balls
have become so incredibly small
and his dick does not work so well
as it used to do
but he doesn't understand
a steroid head has to be ready
on command
so if you want to build
your body
beautiful and strong
so stay away from testosterone
and hormones
that will make your body explode

Believe in a big great
wonderful body
that will make everybody so jealous
and give the impression that he is the very best
to ever get in this life

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