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...I am an eclectic amalgamation of many seemingly paradoxical things. This can be exemplified in both my seemingly endless persistance on many topics and arguments, as well as my careful cautiousness on other topics and arguments. This is largely due to how astute I am of the topic: more knowledge, more persistant; less knowledge, obviously more cautious. I also have times of obsessive compulsions regarding certain things (mostly just my thoughts, however)...

Life and Death

!nversed Poignancy!


An assembly

Possibly impossible

Perfectly interchangeable..


That lives most upright

Beyond the unspoken

Neither a squiggle nor a quibble..

She and Me

!nversed Poignancy!


A daffodil

Tyrannizer of me

Breaking the colors of dusk!..


The rising sun

Infringed with violations

The impurity in the salt..

Love and Poetry!

!nversed Poignancy!


A puerile desire

Buried in the heart

Never leaves..


Sentimentally melodramatic

Cursively recursive

My thoughts idiotic!

Gritty Table

Scribbled by Bharath C On January 08, 2007
A dirty glass on a gritty table
filled with golden oblivion
on ice and lemon on the side
bitter taste for bitter memories
of a love lost, or never had
can't say I'm all that, though..

A worn-out hat hanging
on a dumbwaiter on the wall
waiting for me, calling my name
like silent whispers in the smoky air
while I'm chatting up some lush
with too much makeup and
too little grace, drunken out of
her mind and stoned out of
her soul..

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