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No one Told...

Scribbled by Bharath C On January 08, 2007
No one ever told me
that it would
be difficult like this
falling in love
is very hard
when she never smiles
how can I play
my cards
so I will constantly win
the first prize
in the lottery of life

Seems like there
is no chance
to have a hot romance
her nose is
too high in the sky

No one never said
anything to me
about feelings inside
like this
when you try and try
and never get
any reply
to the good
thing you will give
for the only one
in your secret dreams
I have never
noticed before
how cold it can be
when the girl
you love
crosses the floor
and walks out
the door

Why can't it never be
you and me
sharing the joy of life
tell me
have you been asked
to become somebody
else's wife
or do you really like
to be on your own
looking at the
male clowns
that are fooling

Hello there pretty girl
it is time to wake up
don't act so high class
give a lonely boy a chance
to experience a good dance
before it gets too late
to get a sober date
don't wait too long
you are not
so young

No one never told me
that life would be like this
it is hard
but it is the only one
and I will work it all out
so just wait and see girl
you will greet me
when we meet

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