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Scribbled by Bharath C On June 08, 2007
Many times I have seen you
on my daily walk to town
but it seems to me
that none of us
is brave enough to say hello
and how do you feel about me
is it so that you really
like me
and want me
to be your friend

Lost and alone
waiting for a storm
to bring us together

Often I have met you in a bar
but you are always hiding
behindyour self made wall
afraid of letting somebody come close to you at all
don't you want some love
to come into your lonely life
for a change
say hey

When I see you I see me
protecting you from being sad
always doing my best
to keep you happy and glad
and comfort you
when you are feeling down
and lost
in this hard world
don't you want me baby
to do all this
only for you

When will we get the courage
to say hello
I hope it will happen tomorrow
because I need to know you
and also
love you

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