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Whats coming?

Scribbled by Bharath C On June 08, 2007
What is it coming to
when are things going to change
why can something like those lies
turn everything upside down
who can give me the answer
to be or not to be
living is not so easy as it seems

What is going on around here
why does not anybody take care
is it because there is nothing
left to be shared
I am trying to set my soul free
so it can help me to get out
of this human playground
I feel that I have gone
too many rounds

What can we do with this problem
I don't have the answer book
but one thing is sure
we have to find the right way
but the map is hidden
and don't you listen when somebody tells you
that it is forbidden to look
and to try to find the way
I am telling you the truth when I say
Self Consciousness is the only way
start today
with trying to find your real self
and soon you will find the map
that will make you understand
why man is man
and that there is a great plan
with planet Tellus
and most of all with man

What is it coming to
when will we be alive and free
where can the right place be
so we can understand what we see
before we destroy everything
in our world mind and life
what is it coming to

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