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We Dont!

Scribbled by Bharath C On July 08, 2007
Sincerity is something
that we don't need
because no one is capable
of telling the truth
we are too afraid
to give ourselves
to someone else
who can you ask
when no one wants to know

Who can you tell
when nobody
believes it anyway

Sincerity is something
that no one knows
but people have heard
that there was a time
many years ago
if you looked high and low
and were lucky
you could find one or two alive
that would believe in you
but now there is
no one to be found

Sincerity is something
that we once had
but we did not understand
what we had in our hands
so we threw it away
but we need it so today
because nobody can come close
to anyone no more
everybody lives behind
bolted doors
waiting for something
good to happen
but nothing will ever change
because sincerity has gone away
pray that you will find it
some wonderful day
so you can get a good
and normal life
that you can be real proud of
until the day you die
and reach the sky

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