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A Good melody!

Scribbled by Bharath C On August 09, 2007
That good melody
playing on the radio
makes me remember
how you died so suddenly
last September
without saying goodbye
or farewell
to anyone

Driving fast
even if you knew
it could not last

All summer long
you were playing around
with no fear in your eyes
trying to get the most
telling us all those lies
about how daring and tough
you could be behind
the long hood on your sports car

You never knew
when it was time
to say no
to all that cheap speed
and snow
you loved to snort
and at last you had to go
in a stupid car crash

Oh my friend
I wonder
when we will meet again
and get the time
to do all the things
we can be able to
someday soon my old friend
you don't have to walk alone
I will meet you
in the twilight zone

That good melody
makes you remain forever
in my mind
but I still miss you so
it was for sure a great tragedy
to your family and us
who were forced to stay behind
with great sorrow
and old pictures of a friend
who went away for good

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