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The Worst Thing..

Scribbled by Bharath C On August 08, 2007
The worst thing that
ever happened to me
I cannot tell
but I can feel
that there has been
something going on
that I have not been
aware of
my mind is locked
on the wrong course
and I am heading
against nowhere
with no meaning in
my life

Round and round
no meaning
ever to be found

The worst thing that
ever happened to us
it was the day
when somebody decided
to mislead our thoughts
so that we got lost
from the right path
and the purpose
was to get in command
and have full control
over the world
and those who are
living here
and most of all
they want to control
the way
we speak our words

The worst thing that
ever happened to me
was that they took away
my ability to see
and my understanding
of what it is like
to be free
but I know in my soul
that there is a way
to be found
and I will never give up
trying to find a way
back to my real self
because there is
something missing
and I want to have
it returned
to its right place
where it belongs
from the day I was born

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