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Scribbled by Bharath C On September 06, 2007

Sometimes words appear to be in the possessive case but there is no real ownership, such as:

  1. a month's pay ["month" is singular, so apostrophe before "s"]
  2. two days' washing ["days" is plural, so apostrophe after "s"]
  3. yesterday's appointments ["yeserday" is singular, so apostrophe before "s"]
  4. last year's bank statements ["year" is singular, so apostrophe before "s"]
  5. two years' receipts ["years" is plural, so apostrophe after "s"]
  6. girls' underwear ["girls" is plural, so apostrophe after "s"]

Although it looks like there is ownership, it is really called *False Possessive*, and yes an apostrophe IS required in these instances.

NOTE: You put the apostrophe *after* the *s* when the word is plural, as in examples above - Items 2, 5 + 6.

Just remember, not everyone knows how to do this *apostrophe* thing ... even I have to stop and think sometimes, to make sure I get it right. There's nothing wrong with looking it up online ... don't forget to come to the Humble Apostrophe if you're not sure where to put your apostrophe, punctuation or parts of speech! :-)

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