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What can i?

Scribbled by Bharath C On November 08, 2007
It is only a simple trial
what do I really care
I have no fear

Guilty not guilty
I am an innocent man
in a controlled land

The jury is set
the answer will come
I have to be strong
in my heart

Here they come
I hope they understand
that I have done no wrong
against anyone

Ha Ha all raise
now it is time to pay
this is your judgement day

Here it comes
you are sentenced to Death
because you have shown no regret
so say we all

Tomorrow at sun rise
you will swing from the old oak tree
up at Gallows point

Guilty not guilty
I am an innocent man
but they turned me down

Tonight there will come some tears
but they will never be seen
because they are inside
guilty I was
at least so they said
but I am not afraid

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