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Scribbled by Bharath C On December 08, 2007
Watch the sky above you
and prepare to die
because they are closing in
willing to erase
the whole human race
just for the pleasure of it

Ready or not
they won't stop
we have already let them in

People call them
flying saucers
but that is a big lie
they are deadly weapons in the sky
and there is no place to hide

Have you not heard
the stories about the people
they took away
for medical experiments and pregnancy
and when they came back to earth
they had completely lost their brain
and went totally insane

Watch the sky above you
they are circling into smaller circles
watch the sky closely above you
they will soon dive for their prey
which is you and me

We can move in all our military forces
but still we would look like horses
the crafts have landed everywhere
and we can all feel that clean fear
that the end is near
so say the Generals
and for God's sake give us more guns
rockets bombs artillery
and laser canons just for safety
then maybe we can force them away
so long my friend
Tellus is gone

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