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My Veins set on Fire...

Scribbled by Bharath C On January 15, 2008
Temperature rises as the sun shines high in the sky.
Eyes grow weary, with each step the world grows darker.

I sit nauseated as I burn like star in the night sky
While a war takes place within my body.

A repugnant mess comes and pollutes my system,
Leaving a hammer to constantly pound my head.

Reaching out to the light, but a force pulls me back.
I shiver in the cold as death lies waiting in the distance.

One gulp to take it all away, one gulp and I’m
A ballerina dancing upon the clouds.

Numb and ill like a corpse enjoying a good high at heavens above,
I slip away enveloped in a sea of blankets...

-!nversed Poignancy!

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