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A New Year..That Isn't..

Scribbled by Bharath C On January 05, 2008
A latchkey is jostled..asterning life’s story..as everything
Is looked back upon, and reminisced as a fervent memories.

Now once again it’s time to push aside all that’s done,
And start anew. Jamboree everywhere..a flurry of excitement..

Garnishing the merry people as they wait for the orb to dwindle.
Click! All is erased for a fresh start, but all hasn’t really vanished..

For the history is agglomerated and stored way in the back
Where no one heeds...left somewhat forgotten.

With a “new” start plans are made, and a cycle continues
As an attempt to dismiss poor habits are tried, and worthier ones started..

Soon time goes by, the celebrations cease, and everything
Goes back to the was it was before while the “new” becomes the “old” once again...

-!nversed Poignancy!

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