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Hues of Gray!..

Scribbled by Bharath C On May 11, 2008

Dark gray clouds rolled by as the chill
Of the wind brought shivers down my spine.
Trapped, the stench of the rotting people infiltrated my nose,
Cars whizzed by as poison hit the air,
Enclosed by gray buildings of brick and stone.

Stopped dead in my tracks something striked my eyes;
A rose, such a beautiful rose of red like the blood
Pumping from my heart throughout the cold.
Amidst of all the struggle it managed to grow,
Grow between all the brick and stone.

Oh, I thought, I thought my heart would break
As the rose’s red extended to my gray cheeks, my gray lips.
Reaching my hand out, I longed to touch it,
Feel its warmth wrap around my freezing body,
But my fingers were pricked by its thorns
Between all the brick and stone.

The blood, the blood rushed out, and a drop
Caressed its petals as tears swelled in my eyes.
Black the blood turned leaving the beautiful red rose
Black, shriveled, dead; and I, alone
Between all the brick and stone.

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