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One Reality and A Million Dreams!..

Scribbled by Bharath C On July 20, 2008

The intensely blue night
On a ludicrous laughter
Along the lines of lucent's calm blink
Thats shedding its darkness on the lonely moon's twink.

In the balcony,
An open blast of chilled ethers
Peeping into my dark room
Overwhelming its prodigy from the constellations of heavens..

The blue-black sky as calm as ever,
Spreading its bosom over the dawn of the moon
Now,acting as the arbitrator..
Between lights laughter and the darks play..

The breeze is fresh
Permeated by redolence.
The flowers too, begins its shadow practices
Trying to over par the breeze with its fragrances heavenly..

It had me all for tears
I really dont know what's happening in me

An infinite peace on the soul?
Or is it a dream that ruining my peepers foul?

Bedazzled I lie..
On my fourpostered berth
Quibbling between a reality and a dream..

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