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Behind the shadows...

Scribbled by Bharath C On August 15, 2008

A Big Push...

I opened the closed portal..
Closed it was..a long time ago..

No soul seemed to dwell there
Abandoned it was by the passage of time.

A Cream of dust covered all the cabinets .
The anarchic's had settled down
This old, was her new..

Her canvases covered
With roofs and walls
As a tapestry
Light and transparent.

The plants were killed
The aroma of mold flooded all over.

Was that a wandering ghost that passed by??
When the light was squarely in the dark stays.
I guess it was my imagination
May be I played a bad pass.

There was no life,
Only the sound of wind had survived
In these moments of solitude and sadness,
Carried by a sentimental impulse,
Until desire of some ghost materialize
Not a soul to talk with me!


I closed the door trap
And left abroad.
There was darkeness, a sheer one
And then a complete silence reigned,

Almost sepulchral.
The wind had stopped
The birds no longer chirped.
I felt cold.
The vicinity sounded bells marking the hour of twilight.

A shadow crossed my path,
Floated and blended among the trees.
A sense of unreality gripped me.

And then I realized
I too was a shadow and floated.
And Nobody saw me.

Had written this ages ago!
A blast form the past, i must say..
Celebrating this write's 5th B'day!

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