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Scribbled by Bharath C On August 05, 2008

Is it that friendship is always sincere?
To think of friends who will criticize each other?
Are they friends of truth or is a pose? Is it possible that all friends be good friends?
Should we be choosy?
Ignore many ugly details,should we?


Friendship is a key that allows you to enter the hearts of others.
It is not a normal occurrence,
It simply happens, so very spontaneously.
Has no boundaries,
or makes you wait,
is rather a simple form of love, why?
Because friendship simply takes you to know unknown locations with a special person.
He teaches you to appreciate the virtues and flaws of others.
That person gives you advice and you spoke with sincerity,
you must never lie and you always have to forgive.
So friendship is simply love.
So I offer you my own and would like to never lose yours,
because you're the true meaning of our friendship.


Friendship is a matter thats very relative. I don't think there is a person who might be completely true, nor sincere, because after all we are human beings, and the personal interests take precedence over any relationship. I think the only emotional bond that really is completely loyal and unselfish is that of a "hypothetical friend". I have a "friend", well, if you could call it that, somehow I have to do so since life's still attending, the fact is that we knew for X years, we were close(very close?, eh..Dont know!) knew all our secrets, good and ill, we were going everywhere together. When I was 18, we ended !
There's more to it than just a "jet lag" , but we never forget, we again see years later..

Ah!, then one fine day..we were about to return!..Cos my friend moved to the city where I was.
I even gave her the silliest of telephones..
The end?
We returned to see us!!!..and the treat began.. (us) as (we) relate with the same friends..
But never did we re-turn to be the same.

With no volvi to never speak of it, and how many times I've seen has been accompanied by our respective 'ours'..,
The truth was that the only way that achieves forget completely, is when they no longer feel anything for the other.

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