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Gale, Rain, Three poets and our 'Boca Grande'..

Scribbled by Bharath C On September 15, 2008

Ever heard of the stories,

Which involved "a daemon and two fairies?!"
Starring the Yellow blots blending with steaming zephyrs,
And those Cozy thoughts cupped around those Brown "poetic elixirs"..

An evening it was,a rendezvous to treasure,
Enjoyment it was,way beyond a measure..
Falling in pairs- our voices with the wampum's of rain
Through the aura's fragility, myriad a thoughts to share and reign..

Drifting down from the ceilinged meeting
To a reverent nook-It all started as a coy greeting
The waves then lashed, chiming down with the "fairies" fighting,
The daemon,right there;Laughing down to glory-"heart not beating"!

Ah..Just then the lips started moving,
Gallons of thoughts fueled in- scaling on them we started roving
Then we turned to the books,
Searching, sorting and explicating its nooks..

The lashy rains turned contours they faded down to retire,
Our voices died too, as our mouths got more dryer..
Then came Mr.Pizza so hot,smart and thin
Accompanied by a Litchi shake, and his sorta twin!

Back then, again was our acoustics in the air
Far away we went(again!), topics on politics,life and its flair
And thus continued the endless chatter on its infinite spree
Quibbling on million a topics- We three.:)

*This one's about the Rendezvous that Meena, Prats and Me had..It was really a treat and truly awesome time that we'd together..Fighting, chatting and eating....
A small note on our experience there.. *

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