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Hows it to rhyme like a "Dumbo"..:)

Scribbled by Bharath C On September 09, 2008

When the lights are dark,
When the moments are stark.
There has been one little nightingale amidst my life's blizzards and gale,
She's the art-director of my life's tale.
A cutey-pie that she is,
A teddy-bear,kiddy kid and also a biggie sis.
I cant but write in hindi,
But, i really want to make this trendy.
"Jaane tu ya jaane na", as they say,
She's an angel, Irritating her is my play.
Who so ever said, "Taare zameen par"..
Must have really said it looking at her..(hehe, Guess she's on Cloud 9!)
Although she's not as small as those "Taare",
She's been through my life,she's a sehr shön "pari"
An idiot,an even awful poet ,a tinge shameless-some of her synonyms
Sadly..She's my enemy,antagonist,foe and thier antonyms..
Yeah yeah, i know that this is awful, worst and et al,
This one's just for her,My little "neo-natal".
Now, why is this so very encrypted with ciphers?
Its 'cos I am trying to rhyme like hers..(hehe!).
Ok!, now the best one of the lot..
You get her name, when you try and blow the candle apart...

*Now thats a horrible write..Guess the "horrible" poet now.. *

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