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Sandy,Me, our "Exam-ple of Chats" and our Re-(in)sults!

Scribbled by Bharath C On September 03, 2008

Sandy :

Results tomorrow..Huh?..Gosh!!
You sure?

Me :
Perhaps, yes..
May be No
Some say they surely Know
Whilst other Dare not to vow
The reliable sources say then or now
So, better keep yourself on the toe..

Sandy :
Yeah, you've tried your best,
And I actually know the rest,
Putting wits to test,
May be I will be only your guest..

Me :
The list is out on its date,
And we all know our ill-fate,
Whether we Like it or hate,
Change it will never its state,
Lets just hope for stale draw and not a check-mate!

I wish your words turn true,
My exam-coffee is yet to brew.
All happiness is kept at stake,
Life at hell, is what they plan to make.
Ok, Let them try to choke or block..
I guess they still don know... That we'll definitely rock..

Me :
Hehe..Call it rocked or call it stoned
We're just a mere instrument- to be toned
You say, fingers crossed
The say its a matter of a coin tossed
What ever be it,
Lets keep hopes alive and stay away from utter-nuisances and crap wit!

Sandy :
Cold is the coffee and the ice is so hot,
My pulse is wet and numb is my thought.
Churning of our blood has just begun,
Hope the lather that it gathers is worth the fun.
Life is turning ,and so is our pot,
Lets see whether it would be believable or not..

Me :
Be it coffee cold,
Or be it those dreamy thoughts that the fairy told..
The "Story" is written bright and bold
These festive's are mere pauses,to keep the evil at hold
Dont bank upon "legends" buddy- be it old or even a Gold..

Sandy :
True are the legends, and so are the ghosts,
Just make sure, that we are the not their hosts.
I wish that this turns into a party thats worth the wait,
Else we all will be a part of "dooms fate"
I just hope to have a peaceful night,
Someone very close I wanna hold tight..
I dont really know why I'm abhorred and deviating..
But all I can sense she and her(s) scintillating.
Worn in a silver cover she is yet to arrive as a bride,
And I'm sure she is pretty witty and ready to take us for a long irony ride..

Yeah buddy,but, dreams are perhaps only the brighter side,
There's always the other one..The "anti-pride"
So,matter not..Be the it he or she
For our happiness will anyways "flee"
This is that "one last night"-So, keep yourself happy and free,
For tomorrow, you'll be on a slide, confronting a nutty nailed hunter on spree..

Well, guess its time to board a flight,
I've to go..as the moon is up and in bright-a-light.
Catch ya tomorrow mate,
Lets see whats in store from our fate..

Yes,have a brilliant "good night",
Make sure that you hold-things straight and lay to a sleep that's tight..
For when the, sun's brightness arrives as light,
Only God knows(!) as to whether it Would it be a "glorious shine" or a "mere fall from a height"..

*We bid good-bye..
With A grin that defines the poetic-chat that we had so far..
And a pale morose that's a harbinger to our tomorrows "death"...Would it really Marr?

Just hoping for the best..

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