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The Bunnies!

Scribbled by Bharath C On December 10, 2008

Morning glories are great late summer treats.  You have to plant a bunch of them to get a nice full display.  I plant about 6 plants on each side of my arch which also has clematis and climbing roses.  The roses bloom in with love, the clematis with passion, and the morning glories start to get going in full flow of zest.  I put a bunch of seeds on a damp paper towel.  Then I fold it up, put it in a sandwich ziploc bag, and set it on top of my cable box for 24 hours.  It helps to leave yourself a note somewhere so you don’t forget it. Roots then started to burst out of the seed, if not, leave it for another 24 hours, etc, until the majority of the seeds have sprouted.  Then carefully plant the sprouted seeds where you want your morning glories.  You may have to tear a little bit of paper towel so you don’t break the root.  Water religiously until they get going, and beware of bunnies, I lost an entire crop one year to bunnies, so now I put a little wire fence around them, just until they get about 3 feet tall.

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