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Ever Seen a Mirage?!

Scribbled by Bharath C On January 10, 2009

Bare foot management is pretty idealistic, and the basic assumption is that a fat pocket root would imply a brainy head goof!. On the other hand, the basic assumption behind tech'ed butter fingers is that everyone is inherently an idiot stuffed and sandwitched between a direct propotion of a fat pocket squared and the root of the tag's fame.

Can we ever have something for the moderates?. Its high time that a tech-geek and a management-freek shake hands!.To put it in other words, left stuff is pretty much too ideal and more inclined along the lines of being hypothetical. It assumes an Omega, when the nail has been struck over a big-Oh or perhaps marginally below the bets of Oh. Similarly, in assuming that every one is a righist essentially over the halo of the IIMs is perhaps a misconception, I am sure that they are not packed as a right, but moulded as one!.

A simple epitome of a fact, learnt this from my first rounds of mock GDs for IIM-A. Darn!, I just got to know how life is on the other side of the Moon!.

Talk about 99.81?!. For a second i turned dyslexic and assumed mine to be the strrev(99.81).

Ever seen a mirage?!- I did!

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