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Scribbled by Bharath C On January 15, 2009

Time, constraints, life and the move ahead. They are perhaps the mostly generalized process that applies to almost all phenomena( Moreso, with the metamorphosis). The reason I’m writing this is pretty much along the lines of being mind boggling( if I were less informed, It could well be classified as a time-pass post ).

I have been almost out of the blogging world for quite sometime now.Oflate, I have actually got all those poetic dew's go to droughts. But, today was something different; It’s been a very grotosque evening. Maybe it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve felt the need to post something on my blog without a definite plan. My afternoon was patterned to the most accurate tile, I met tones of angst,love,nostalgia,then angst again and more sorrow. I really dint have much to say.(I really dont!).

So, Later this evening I just put my head underneath the pillow and let the thoughts flow. I could actually see all my accumulators, reg AX,BX,CX, the PC, etc ; All arranged so beautifully. It looked as thought my CPU ( with a very fast REM-Rapid Eye Movement) could actually prepare a powerpoint presentation ( Disclaimer: I really dont know whether it used a licensed version of MS Office!).

But at the end of it all, It was great. It was so very indescribable. It was different! and this difference in the zero sum has led me to merit it with a post on my blog. For those who really thought this to be a serious post, well, I am sorry folks!. This one is as doodelic as it could get; Call it crap, call it shit!. I accept it all, but I cant but get words to describe this posts merit..:P

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