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Angels and Demons!

Scribbled by Bharath C On February 12, 2009
A rose more reddish that the deepest of red colored red,
A flower that had never ever flowered like the way it had flowered now,
The entire boquet cupped in a golden cupped receptacle,which inturn was cupely cupped by

But a deadly deadened demon was right there dearly deferring its defile,
Watching the angelic angels angelic moves,
And emanating tons of lousily lusty lurline hues..

The time stamps swayed as did the approach of the approaching angel,
She neared the dreaded demon to the nearest near.
The demon was undeterred,to deter the motion of the angel in elegant deter..

"What happened next?"

The red redyed reddish rose
Was brutally snatched by the dead dreaded deadly demon
And thus,the story of a red redded rose and a dead dreaded deamon

Ended as a dead redded, rose dreaded- deadly deviled deamon!

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