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Animal-Human Trade-off!

Scribbled by Bharath C On February 13, 2009
Recently, I read this post by a friend of mine. It was a fabulous post on his experience on a train. The articulatory move of the write had actually dissolved me into an all different dimension!. I actually forgot about the main topic of the post itself and concentrated more towards the lovely gesture of some community-in which deers were grown as the children of their own.

But, I had a different view to it all together! I actually viewed it as a trade off between the ethical doctrinaire of the human life cycle against the joint venture between human-animal emotions. I thought that this was some serious stuff and that it deserved a place on my blog too!. So, I created a tag for them and what follwed that is what we call -" This post!".

Talking more on the lines of the main motive or motif of this post; Dont you think that animals need to be left to themselves? Dont you think that the contour drawn shouldn't be thin, but rather "bold"?

I could actually provide the same view in another dimension!. View it as the notion of the creator(Whosoever that is), dont you think each one of us form a part of the "universal set"- and taking the mathematics pathway, dont you think that all the elements in the set are unique?!.

Well, thats what it exactly is!. I agree that the wildlife and the human(wild) life must live in tandem, but, tandem dosnt mean "substitution"- Thus, i feel that its not a duty of a human to feed an antelope (at least not breast feed).

If I were less informed, i could have as well classified it as an syntactical error!. If so ever in the ethical doctrinaire of human life there was that discrete point that said -"help animals"- I'm sure it wouldnt be to "substitute" yourself against an animal (surely not!).

If you think that this view of the topic is not right,then, think again!. If it was correct for the community to grown up deers as their kids, then why is there a "community" of deers at all?!

The question seems to be predictive and the answer to this is also unambiguous!

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