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Pothole Probablity Theorem!

Scribbled by Bharath C On February 16, 2009
Apparently, since the investiture of the new tag on to my blog, I now seem to be getting into the groove -thats been created by the tag itself!. Wow!, thats nice. Actually, I used to keep all of these so called apposite thoughts stacked and stored on a Notepad [Yeah,the same ole notepad by MS!]. But, when I checked it recently, I observed a rather strange strays on my old notepads [Which by some means have turned half sepia]. I saw a sequence of question marks on them, all of them perfectly distributed, which by a peek-a-boo looked like a Bayesian probability distribution;).

Now,what has this distribution funda got to do with this post?!. Hmmm,as someone said that an idle mind is a devils workshop, its just about apropos here (or should I say "apposite" :P). Ok, now coming to the point; Talking about the distribution of the question marks on my ole notepads, I actually went over bode with my deep contemplations and felt that the question marks were just about as perfectly distribute on the notepad as do the pot holes on bangalore roads!.[ Boggling aint it?!].

For the uninitiated, let me begin with the anecdote- It all started when I got some weird thought of getting back to my old write[Yes, I told you!, re-quote that proverb here again] as when i saw them all spoit ,perhaps due to the evolution of the notepad software -from the antiques of Windows-95 to the recent "controversial vista". But, all said, since I wrote the notes myself I felt that reading them wouldn't be much of a hassle.

So, the journey began..Started something like "During my ?ist to ?ko?kana? durin? march of ??00 "...blah and more blah!. I was stunned,for a moment I wondered as to whether that was 1900 or 2000 [Yeah!,dumb me:P]. Now, getting to the !nversed thought; "How on earth do you think that this is related to potholes of namma bengaluru?", is that your question?. Well, its simple!. I'm sure that even the most patriotic bengalurian would agree with the presence of humpty tonnes of potholes distributed more than just uniformly on its roads and to add to it, the distribution is so very implicit and scientific. According to my contemplative contemplations exactly 79.987% of potholes in bangalore are locate either at the mid point of the road or at an offset of about 4ft and 8 inches from the extreme right. So whats so conclusive (or inconclusive) about this? How is it that its scientifically designed? and How on earth are the question marks on the notepad related to this?!!?.

Well, yes!-there's an apparent connection. For the uninitiated, India drives left [Yeah, we aren't right by any means! :P] so we are supposed to overtake from the RHS and since overspending is to outlaw; We at bangalore hail on a fabulously designed "Techie" roads that acts as a natural speed breaker(!). Now aint that scientific? Aint that a Wonder #8 (Or is it #9 :( Not sure :P).

Finally, connecting the points backwards we get back to the relation between the distribution of the Question marks being analogous to that of the potholes. How?. Well, simple- The question marks were so (un)intelligently placed that just when i started to get my enunciational speed- shifted from 2nd to 3rd to 4th- I would abruptly end up blinking and blinking more, wondering about what I actually had meant (or what it was meant to be ). Gawd!, So what started as a "Peek-a-boo into the past" now turned out to be a "Crosswords of the highest mast".

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