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Progression over Cash Crop!

Scribbled by Bharath C On February 12, 2009

I’ve been fertilizing and watering more than ever before, and the tree is looking the best it ever looked. I have these 3 huge lemons ripening right now, they are almost as big as grapefruit. The tree still doesn’t look as good as when it’s outdoors in the late summer, but it did not drop as many leaves this fall when I brought it in. First, I washed it several times with plain water, to get rid of bugs. Then I sprayed it twice with a horticultural oil. So it has not had the bug problem I usually have when it’s indoors. Then I was extremely careful to not miss the watering schedule. I water it twice a week, if I miss a day, the leaves start to curl. And I sprinkle some fertilizer that I bought (it’s organic but smells like fish emulsion) on the top of the soil in the pot. I’ve done that at least twice this summer. You’d think you wouldn’t fertilize in the summer, but apparently citrus needs it year round. For this first time in my life, I had fruit and blossoms at the same time a few weeks ago. I think I only got one tiny fruit from that latest blossom group, but I never had it blossom more than once a year before, so I’m making some progress.

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