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Logic and Madness!

Scribbled by Bharath C On February 18, 2009
Last week was a weirdly great week for me. I happened to get in touch (or well, in techie terms- I Stumbled upon) two nice people. But, whats astounding and special about them is that both of them are schizophrenic and more astounding is that they were excellent artists!. One was a great "palm painter" while the other was a "floral-souvenir" designer.

I was amazed by the quantum of knowledge that they possessed and more importantly the way they presented themselves to me.! When I got back to my place, I made it a point to use a well known innovation called google to get a more conspicuous insight into schizophrenia.

But, surprisingly many great thinkers have suspected that there is a fine line between logic and madness. But went I went into a deeper thought, I saw that line as virtually nonexistent!, I think the two are the sides of the same coin, to be fused into a glorious unity in each artwork.

Has any one made some seriously serious tests on schizophrenics? Well, I think that they'd performed better on a logic game than "sane" people.I think that the time is not that far off before the link between insanity and rationality may be more than a fanciful notion.

Schizophrenia, a long-term mental disorder involving delusions and a derailed sense of reality, disrupts people’s ability to see the “context” of events, a key part of common sense.

But, I can somehow see that sometimes this inability may become an advantage, because context can lead a thinker astray. This advantage, i think, would be patented only in very specific situations where context acts as a trap.In some situations—limited ones—I really think that schizophrenics have a reasoning advantage over normal people, stemming from their very lack of what we typically call common sense.

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