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Profit Margin of India's Moon mission..

Scribbled by Bharath C On March 11, 2009
Well,amidst all those crap theories and un-poetically rabid thoughts that I've been posting here over the last few weeks [ More so, with many a brick-bats]. Today I thought that I could get all of you into a rather serious management stuff.

Earlier today, I happened to read these thoughts from a friend of mine, he felt that

"Considering our very recent entry to world of space technology the progress is no wonder astounding.But regardless of all these achievements, did we really need to spend such a huge amount on this? America did it, Russia did it and both said, "Senora! Nothing but heap of dust". Then why should we again go for it, spending millions of dollars? "

(Disclaimer : The quotes are pasted here as quoted; Appreciation and accolades on the above block quoted quote are to be handed over to the author only.)

I was stunned!, for a moment I thought that all we wanted to do is to just to quench our ego clashes and more so to prove others the 'blatant' powers that we posses in the field of tech. is not so 'blatant' as they think!; But, it was just about time that I invoked that minuscule processing time slice that I have been blessed with. And what followed it were these "truly blatant" thoughts of mine ;)

What at an uninitiated spur of the moment seemed like a wrong move, now, seemed to be a pretty good move for me. I also saw this as an excellent FGI (Foreign Governmental Investment) strategy too!--I felt that this on some line might just be the right approach to reduce our operational cost in the field of space research!- Guess how?- Well, yes!- See, having proved our brain force and the intellectual capital, I think they might be expecting a JV from both the blocks of nations ones who've tasted the moon mission and several others who want to take a hit at the moon.

Now, lets calculate the investments and returns ratio.:-

Officially declared total budget of chandrayaan is placed at $86 million; And if you could look at the perks that are visible(definitely not a mirage), its more or less the only huge investment that GOI would be making(or made)- Now all that they need to do is to spend a miserly amount towards this on a futurely YoY basis. Which i feel would be anywhere less than around $10 million per year [ Thats about Rs 50 crores] against the defence budget of a whopping Rs17,590 crores for research as a whole! [The total budget thought stands way ahead! a hugely staggering Rs 1,41,703 crores!].

Hmm, later coming to the point on the annual budget of ISRO alone its rated at about $17million per year, So essentially what they have done with Chandrayaan is that they have moved ahead of their budget for 4 years and 3 months- But, the key factor is that they will be heavily cutting on yearly investments by about 44% YoY- Apparently they will be repaying the deficit by around 8 years !.

Now, how far do these figures help us to find the investment to returns ratio- Well I cant actually give you a quantitative value, since I know not about the JV swap ratios; But, what i can is tell you that it would be a "investment attractor" for a minimum of 3 decades- Even if I cap the FGIs at 50million per year [Well, i think thats a very low guess] I think we'll be saving atleast around $900 million over the next 30 years!-

Isnt that astounding?! Its more like you are given 1000 bucks to prepare a cake and then later you are again paid to eat it all alone.

My thoughts though, were purely on a monetary frame of mind, but, if you take into consideration all those "mind-set","morale boost" and "global recognition" returns as an parametric point of view of investment to return ratio; Hmm, I must say that they are just too too high. [ I can only give you a properly calculated worksheet at a later point].

But, there's something that I wouldnt be able to answer and justify, and thats if you ask me as to "why spend lakhs of crores of rupees on 'useless research' ". Sadly, I have no answers for that. May be one of you might link my post on to your blog and explain this important syllogistic factor.

7 Thoughts have been Sprinkled!, Your Take? :

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