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Appu-Baggy Theory of Cyberpathy...

Scribbled by Bharath C On April 29, 2009

Ok, I guess I'm looking to begin my (yet) another move into the aspects of Science and Con-science relativity principles. This time around, however, I had a team mate to have this theory made up. So, the credit would be shared by both of us and the theory (for a change) would be named as the "Appu-Baggy Theory of Cyberpathy".

Ok, getting our thoughts synced lets start with a quibble. While you are into chatting with a friend over the internet or over the mobile channel- have you ever felt that your thought pipeline has been hacked and suddenly both of you whip out the same one-liner or perhaps (in worst cases) the same curse word too? (:P Yeah, I see some of you nodding..See here also it works..:P). Hmm, I have experienced these a million times atleast.

So, somehow these simultaneous collision of thought processing elements in identically different pipelines creeped into unison, when Appu and I were in conversation (A month ago I guess),. It so happened that the so-called "thought pipeline hacking" seemed to hamper our astonishments one too many times; And for once, our usual and more often technical conversation now turned into some heights of some "Parapsychological Amalgamation of Discrete Mathematical Structures" (yeah, just to make things seem complicated :P :P). Our pathways of talkways changed from acoustics of Ubuntu to Open Office to Beers to Hard Rocks and Soft puns into an all new - "based multitudinal indicies" involving Psychology then to some hues of Mind Reading and  to stuffs that were connecting Thought Transmissions et al. (yeah,some crap!).

Whoa!, it was one heck of a chat , more so because it was Appu's core and without doubt ( and without google :P)  she started explaining the psychology behind the actual "Psychology" (- She's a topper you see..Ok, Ok, second topper it seems :P.) So, what followed this loong and exciting chat which was chronologically somewhere around the wee 00:00 hrs, were these scientifically mathematical thoughts of mine.

So, for the uninitiated, lets start by contemplating on how and why people think alike and emanate "Cybermatica Transmissions" over internet ( In short lets call this "Cyberpathy"). I have in fact (unlike the pressure question) thought many times about how thoughts are projected... I mean in terms of known science. Now here is my thought: When I send cyberpathycally transmitted thoughts, I would usually think and involve my body to some degree and I would focus on some discrete quantum of energy called (say) "the third eye"; I would actually to this initially and then trance. So there is some physical affect that has been imbibed into Cyberpathy and thats even if, hypothetically, the thought is transmitted non-physically (or dimensionally shifted). Let's step back a bit and think about simply how our mind and body connect...

There are two schools when it comes to mind-body problem: One is that the mind is our brain, and the other where the mind is connected but not fully contained in our body, e.g. we have a soul. I fall into the latter, where I believe the brain is a sophisticated sender/receiver.

Now, here is the thing: Some believe there is a physical connection our mind makes, and it interacts with the body. On top of that people have even been able to connect electrodes and control the body by creating signals in the brain that if this is true stimulate the same actions (or alternatively detect the same signatures caused by thought or action) as the mind does through its mysterious connection. I wouldn't be surprised that whatever this connection mechanism is, that cyberpathy simply works on the opposite side of this connection from where our physical body is. So it is safe to say there must be some Electro/ Magnetic [E/M] signature that can be detected from cyberpathy. The other possibility would be that cyberpathy is completely E/M, however I don't believe this to be the case since
(1) I have communicated with beings in other galaxies and the only explanation would be some inter dimensional gate which in and of itself makes it using something which is not strictly classical E/M energy usage
(2) Even assuming that locally cyberpathy is completely E/M, we have never detected a signal frequency through peer-reviewed science as far as I'm aware.

But here's the kicker: Even IF cyberpathy is non-corporeal and causes some kinds of E/M reactions at least locally in our brain, which is very likely if that's how our mind works, then there must be some leakage we can detect. So I have been thinking recently about whether anyone has sat there with someone sending cyberpathically(Hmm, did I hear someone say CYBERPATHETICAL? ) and listened on every frequency for some signature that is consistent. I have sometimes thought about doing this myself, though self-defeatism always takes hold and makes me feel like it's not worth it to bother. However, I have this strong urge to build computer programs and games in the future (more working on the software side) that can use this mind-body connection for more advanced user interfaces.

Additionally, assume that the transmission is not E/M but perhaps some other non-local connection on the other side from our body of this mind-body connection. Then it's safe to say that we have the ability to detect and tap into that energy scientifically simply because our body can. In fact, I imagine there is already some theory out there (probably mathematical and having to do with some very advanced physics) that has already unknowingly identified this energy in a theoretical construct.

One other thought I have is perhaps we could just through trial-and-error and a lot of luck develop some E/M device that sticks on top of the third eye and/or crown through electrodes that stimulates the right E/M signals to cause the mind-body connection to invoke cyberpathy. Now, that to me seems the very inefficient way to go about it, to be rather dangerous, and also does not produce true knowledge of the mechanism involved.

It's kind of sad that people like me who have activated their psychic abilities do not intuitively know what the scientific explanation is, however not surprising since psychicism is natural for us and science requires learning. Connecting what's intuitive to what requires esoteric knowledge isn't so easy.

What's the missing piece? Any thoughts? How long do you think until some scientist gets lucky and finds it? As I mentioned just a bit before, I want to design software user interfaces someday that doesn't require keyboards and mice, just cyberpathy. I want to develop games that help people strengthen their telepathic abilities. However, I DON'T want to get deep into how the actual connection works scientifically. For one thing, I'm good at math but I don't like doing deep math too much. For instance, the class I took on quantum computers was pure torture because aside from the esoteric theory, it was pretty much pure QM dirac notation mathematics :)

Have you ever found a channeling that goes really deep into the science of the telepathic connection and mind-body connection? I mean really in-depth, invoking string theory and some high-level mathematical summaries?

Or alternatively, have you ever found some promising scientific literature?

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