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...I am an eclectic amalgamation of many seemingly paradoxical things. This can be exemplified in both my seemingly endless persistance on many topics and arguments, as well as my careful cautiousness on other topics and arguments. This is largely due to how astute I am of the topic: more knowledge, more persistant; less knowledge, obviously more cautious. I also have times of obsessive compulsions regarding certain things (mostly just my thoughts, however)...

Life and Death

!nversed Poignancy!


An assembly

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She and Me

!nversed Poignancy!


A daffodil

Tyrannizer of me

Breaking the colors of dusk!..


The rising sun

Infringed with violations

The impurity in the salt..

Love and Poetry!

!nversed Poignancy!


A puerile desire

Buried in the heart

Never leaves..


Sentimentally melodramatic

Cursively recursive

My thoughts idiotic!

Fatal Attraction...[ Double Acrostic ]

Scribbled by Bharath C On April 12, 2009
For once I lost myself in her hand-ofF,
All my prowess' got diluted, what remained is just an iotA.
To and fro did my heart hubbub quibbling between a treat and a retreaT.
Ah!, I just got myself melted onto hers, was it an heaven that I saw from abscissA?
Lo!, or was it just another dream about my princess damseL?

Altercations continued. This time between her eyes and mine; Both in a perfect galA!
"Take me by hand darling,I am all yours"- did I hear her say thaT?
Tremors hit my hands,quakes shook my hearT,
Race had begun and my clutters began its clutters like a call stuck pageR
Ahoy! would I be really succesful? - would she accept my heart's pleA?
Coyish cabrioles I made, hoping towards her to utter my three worded macaroniC
Trusting with deep trusts that she would be mine and me her sweeT.
"I love you dear, Do you love me too?"- whispered I-extending the rose,more like an alibI.
"Ouch!!, that hurt" she said, blood oozed out of her palm[thorns had pricked], forming a capricciO..
"Never mind, Sir..I will take care, I am her maN"
...Said an obscure voice from behind. And thus fell my stillborn attraction into fatality...

Foot Note :
Intended meanings of italicized words.

1.Abscissa : from a distance
2.Pager : A small device (like cellular phone) that vibrates to inform the wearer about a text message.
3.Macaronic : denoting a language, specially burlesque verses.
4.Alibi : an excuse
5. Capriccio : A painting representing mixture of colors and imagination.

[ These meanings are the first meanings of the words' usage which I had learnt as a part of my curriculum. If there is any mistake please let me know. Since I have not verified them with a standard dictionary ]

Prompted at Acrostic Only

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