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Scribbled by Bharath C On April 21, 2009
Its a long driven defense and counter attack that are kept open for throws here in India. I am sure that each one of us would have encountered such counter arguments from our elders wherein they point out that in the "West" where love marriages are a normal ritual it s imposingly simple that the explicative divorce rate value there stands at a staggering 50%!.

Well, I was wondering as to why such things happen in the "west" and not back here in the "East"( Well atleast not upto a mark of a staggering 50%!). Does it really mean that the people in the eastern part of the world are really tolerant? - If so why is it that there exist the concept of utterly "petty wars" over here too?

How is it that we take pride in the "official" Indian divorce rate of only 8%?

Ahem ahem, I ran my thought meter on this and put in some contemplative investments and found the probablistic solution to the ambigious question. I felt that we could attribute this to the fact that in India 90% of the marriages (including mine perhaps!) are arranged marriages and that is why it is so low. We even say that it is better arrangement than love marriages.

But, are these stastitcs lucid enough or are they just yet another theory that contemplates on the height(or the depth) of the ice berg based on the 9/10th formula?. Well, the surprising conclusion that I figured out were rather astounding!

Recently I was going through some demographics and I found out the real truth behind this is nothing but a mere false statistics. How false are these real truths?- Just whim through these points-

1. The number of never married women (not by choice) is fairly high.

2. In many unhappy marriages they just stay in the house without living as husband and wife.

3. A number of the girls are simply sent to their parents' homes. Yet they are officially not divorced- If you dont believe, just ask around- you would even find this in your own neighboring sibling sub-family trees.

4.In small towns and villages (where the vast majoriy of the people live) the mrriages are unofficially dissolved without calling it a divorce.

When you look at the official divorces, they are almost always initiated by educated and economiclaly self-sustaining women like doctors or software professionals.For example when a doctor woman divorces she meets with no social ostracisation, simply because she can lead her QLC without a functional dependency and its as simple as that!.

This proves the theory that if India were to have the same conditions as the west(with respect to the economic and social environmental aura) wherein

1. Most of the people were living in anonymously large cities.
2. There were plenty of jobs for the taking(Ok Ok!, I am talking about the condition in the "West" about couple of years ago-Hmm, perhaps when DOWJONES was a 12k! ;))
3. Each job paid a life sustaining job( Yea!, again the parenthesized quote above can hold good here too!)

Then many of the unhappily married couples will call it quits.

The unnecessary bride deaths could be totally avoided and the cooking stove in the bridegroom's family won't get the bad name.

We got to look at reality and admit it before we can do something about it.

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