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Thoery of Four Crap-tense..;)

Scribbled by Bharath C On April 20, 2009
Kolkata Knight Riders coach John Buchanan felt the furor over his four-captain theory was because it was misinterpreted by most people.
He says that basically, he will not select a squad captain but will select a captain for each match. That captain will make all the normal decisions such as field placings and bowling changes.

Buchanan felt since Twenty20 was a fast paced game it was important to have a unique strategy every time so he wanted a number of minds to increase the rate of success and he felt that fast-paced Twenty20 version could be better compared to a battle.

My favorite book of all time is The Art of War by the Chinese military genius Sun Tzu, written some 5000 years ago. I think this book was written to describe Twenty20 cricket.The book's message is that instead of working on formulaic strategies, life requires rapid and appropriate responses to dynamic, ever-changing environments.It emphasizes that in times of order, structured planning is decisive, but in a competitive situation these norms are just not good enough and structure fails. Quick thinking, flexibility and the ability to adapt very fast are the new dictates.
-- Said Buchanan.

But, all said and done; I was into deep contemplation about the strategic feasibility of this theory and as to why people are so much into finding faults in it . However its not new that new theories always sound funny and unfeasible in the beginning. They continue to be ridiculed if they fail, but if they are successful - they change history!. This has happened with every invention in history. But, would this new theory be any where close to those "famous new theories" that changed the world?.

Well, actually I think that this is yet another crap on the Buchanan's cap!. technically speaking every strategy has two main goals- One that is short term for instant returns and maximum risk and other which is long term with a smoother returns ,minimal risks and higher support plus confidence index.

Now, what this "theory of four captains" suggests is that they want to round robinize the short term goals to achieve an accumulative long term support. So, its like instead of asking one person to shell out his luck by picking a "win" ball out of a box containing "Win"+ "loss" balls at a 50-50 Gaussian distribution; We now ask four different people to pick the ball from the same box using different strategy. Lolz!. Do you think that the probability of you picking a "Win" ball changes?. Well, certainly not!.

Hmm, on the other hand look at it this way-in a war if you have too many generals ordering the same group of soldiers, wouldn't the result simply be disastrous?. When a team is playing a game, isnt it that the team spirit becomes the most important aspect? and if you have too many leaders in a team, one will always try to suppress the others.

And if Buchanan goes with the idealization of the "The Art of War" then, he must have eleven captains and not four!- But why does he cut the verticals down to four?. Well, well!., I just think that its really surprising to see the multiple captains in the same version of game. It is understandable in the different version of game which require different long term capitalization over the short terms.But if its in a single version, well- It would be more like some Ekata Kapur's serial where the one role is played by the different actors.

If you ask me from a personal side. I would sum up the entirety of the theory in four tenses it is yet another way to tell India's most successful captain that "you-are-not-needed!".- and that's the theory of four crap-tense!

Yet another stab in the back for this poor guy..:(

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