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Trailing the Trails of Betrayals

Scribbled by Bharath C On June 09, 2009
Well, until recently I had never thought about love,love-life, life with love,love without life..so on so forth of all the combinautrics that can be captured with these symbols of alphabets. However, just about a couple of days ago I was provoked [Well I mean provoked in terms of literature and mind flow :P] by a intruiging quote by a friend of mine, which basically involved the sophistications of quibbles with respect to why a person closest to you always hurts (in terms of betrayal) more than anyother jack-ass on this earth!. I felt that I would be able to put some thought flow on this and thus the prioritization factors earned it a place on my blog! [tadaan!]

Let begin it with a sense of uninitiation.Why is it that the intensity of hurt in betrayal is directly proportional to the love we had. Why does betrayal hurt so much, so much so that some people lose desire to love?. (PS : Well, the term "love" though through a lot of impurities and adulteration, [yeah, could mean adult-err-ation too :P ] has taken a different meaning oflate. But, the love that I am talking about can be of any form need not necessarily be the a love that defines a gender-binding realtionships)

When we love someone, that person becomes our own. There is always a sense of ownership. That is why one feels angry if one's loved one gets more involved with somebody else more than necessary. The sense of ownership and envy are essential to the process of love. It is easy to say that when you love someone, give him or her freedom, space and so on. But does that ever happen? That does not happen because we are asking for equal or more commitment from our loved one compared to what we give. I care so much for you; you are also supposed to care equally. I never hurt you; you are also not supposed to hurt me. We develop some kind of unsaid understanding. As the understanding becomes stronger, love becomes passionate and stronger. We all behave in this way in our life. Our loyalty to our school, our family, our country all comes out of this sense of commitment.

In love, the mind and the heart- logical and emotional feelings all are focused only on your object of love. It is an obsession when you think of nothing else but your loved one. This is main cause of pain after betrayal. Because you never could believe that your loved one could betray you. You had considered them to be far better and lovable than anybody else. How could he/she could this to me? That question keeps hammering your mind and you do not get any answer.

The grief of separation is equally strong. Your existence depended on your loved one and now he/she is no more there with you. That pain of separation is difficult to define in words. To avoid thinking about the loved one, people try many methods- join some group, do other activities, make new friends, and so on, but if the love was strong the person may remain a loner in a big crowd, because they have lost the foundation on which their life was being built.

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