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50% Divesment and the 2nd QLC Blues!

Scribbled by Bharath C On July 03, 2009

Err..! Its finally happened. My brother at last has divested his 50% in himself ;). Its been a super mid-week bonanza for me with hectic schedules and hyperly-hallucinating minds (Yup!, I'm hallucinating about my exams which are a week away and the fact that i am yet to buy "text books"). But, even amidst all these mid-week bonanzas and hallucination quibbles there were this ever oscillating emotions in me of nostalgia,depressions, sentiments,happiness, excitement pride and some hues of nervousness too (lolz!, BTW the nervousness has no symbolic link to my exams :P).

Infact, at the uninitiated spur- I was "awestruck!". Man!, this little guy with whom I used to fight, play,eat, learn, break-window panes,glasses, souvenirs and what not, is getting married!?. Shit! I still thought that we played and broke the show-case glass just yesterday!, I still thought that just a week earlier he was sitting right besides and teaching me "6th Grade Chemistry" involving what hypothesis, theory and equations were; And dint he teach me my 10th grade 'C programming' earlier this week?! I couldn't help recalling the feeling of long summer days playing with him inside the house, right there in the living room or even those days when we used to play table-tennis on the dining table or those hours we spent trying to plot a ploy to take as many kites as we could, that flew by our terrace. Lolz! my thoughts are getting thumply whetted by the droplets of nostalgia and Gosh! guess what?- there's nothing quite like a sudden rush of nostalgia. Not that's its particularly unpleasant but the desire it raises inside to go back to a simple time, is often overwhelming and for the briefest second, you can almost believe it is possible to go back, just once.

Just as these weird thoughts pushed me into a sea of past memories, there came a dosage of depression amalgamated with sentiment( Well, i know that most of my intra-circle friends associate me to being a rather "idiotic saint"--Ahem ahem, yes guys and gals- This time i was slightly away from the normal pH). And if you ask me as to what pushed me into depression?! Well, yeah!- Its simply because I also need to end up divesting my stake on him, specially those that I purchased as an IPO. Yup!, I realised that next time I give him a punch, I would have to tackle two punches coming from the other side :( ; The next time I call him by names i would have to end up getting belted twice over! ; More trucingly the next time someone calls me "uncle" I will have to bear it all and accept it (*Darn!,Phew!,Errrr!*)

Sans punches and boot-kicks- Let me move into a rather exciting and happiness provoking aspect of this bulk divestment. Hmm...well,did I hear someone talk about the increase in my channel capacity and my contention index being doubled?!; Err, the answer to that would be a simple straight face! :-|. Actually, there's more to it than just that!- There's this tsunami of happiness that took away all those hues of melancholy that I spoke about a bit earlier ; And thats the induction of a new dimension into the family. During the past two decades, my bro has been one of my role models (Perhaps,its a common phenomena that you have your sibling as your role model) and I feel that I have inherited a lot of characteristics from him. Now, whats exciting is that from now on I would be inheriting a newer eclection of his; Every decision he takes and every move that he makes will now have two discrete components and two mutually dependent dimensions and its really exciting to take em all, learn and store em in my kitty.;)

And finally the element of pride and with it some tinge of nervousness..;). Pride essentially because he'd now be a family man, and breaking his head and "Tail" on what would seem like some really crappy issues to me and more so because for some unknown reasons he'd be fully serious and stuff (*lolz*)..Hehe..That would actually be some real fun..holy cow!, I just cant imagine him being completely mumphed in voice and keeping is funny sarcasms and puns at bay!; On the same lane there's that speck of nervousness, which does exist for obvious reasons..:)

PS: Perhaps, most of you would be familiar with my "blog-post pricing index" and someone might even ask me about the pricing of this one. Well, the answer for that is pretty unanimous and unambiguous- its "priceless" and the fact that I am typing all this sitting crouched on the third tier of a second class sleeper should say more to it than just words..:)

Foot Notes :
1. The reason I remember '6th Grade Chemistry' and '10th Grade C Programming' is because I was poor at them initially and because at a later point I excelled at them be it for bagging a centum in International Chemistry Olympiad or for winning the Junior Code Wizard '07 ;) (Perhaps, a way to convey a gratitude)

2 : QLC stands for Quarter Life Cycle!
. I just put that in to make sure that all those preps that I underwent for my IIM interviews doesnt go waste(*Lolz*)

3. If by chance my bro is reading this; I am sure that he'd be pissed seeing this looooong post. But, if soever he reaches this point- Here's a "Thanks" that I need to offer ;)

Other things that I learnt and still remember:

* Cycling in 1992 (Phase 1) and 1994 (Phase 2)
* Flying a kite during the summer of 1995
* Spinning the top in 1996
* How to weave a 'maanja' thread for kite in 1996
* Playing with water on the water thats poured on the terrace to cure the concrete in 1996 (I think that this was the time when the 1st floor was constructed)
* The word "Gee" and "Schedule" (To be pronounced as skedule) in 1997
* Some small Sanskrit verses in 1998 ( He was in his 10th Grade at this point)
* Playing "singleton" cricket with the wall as the bowler in 1999
* Electrostatics, Current Electricity during 1999 ( I learnt this when I was writing his Physics Lab Record! )
* Learnt how to write the "integral" symbol and also learnt how to apply "differentiation" in 1999 (Differentiation, I think, is his favorite topic in math)
* Learnt about circles and stuff when he was preparing for his CET and IIT-JEE exams during 2000.
* Learnt about Side view and Front view Graphics in 2k1 ( This prompted me to realise at a later point that engineering graphics dint require drafter and a drawing board!!- Guess what?, his drawing board was a "tea-poy" and drafter was my uncle's "Try-Square" (!))
* During 2k2 I learnt logic design. Courtesy his Logic Design Assignment which I wrote (!)(!) [I think i learnt something about synchronous and asynchronous propagations]
* During 2k2/2k3 I learnt C programming and I used to try and write C programs for his lab programs and then again debug my logics by comparing with his.
* 2k3 to 2k5 I was under a sabbatical, more so, cos of my 12th Standard exams.. BTW, I still remember learning about "packet switching networks" which was what his final year project was based on. (I also remeber learning how to make a report. Guess what, the day before his project submission I was also awake along with his friends and he till about 2am!(that was perhaps my first night out!!))
* 2k5 onwards, I have learnt a few trick of the trade in Core banking Solutions (Which after 2 years helped me to write a complete algorithm for my friend's company which worked in provided BBS to a small-sized bank. More over, I had already learnt a bit what a Perl, SQL and stuff meant :P)

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