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The Wonder Years!

Scribbled by Bharath C On July 24, 2009
You know they say time flies. They couldn’t have been more correct! It’s been almost four years and we have just another month to go. Batches have come and gone, but each batch has given the college what it rightly deserves. We are too. Placements are just one of the things. But that is not what I am talking about.

After four years, I often ask myself; what am I taking home? I don’t know how many would agree with me. But this degree is just an excuse to teach us the bigger things in life. You learn technical skills when you want to, while on work. Half of us won’t remember what we had done in these four years after 10 years. What we learnt are not technical skills but survival skills. But unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. With an effective ban on any kind of an interaction with the juniors the skill sets no longer go down the pyramid, it unfortunately goes only with us.

College life seems hard, but the fact is that we have a tougher life ahead. A life governed by your rules. You set them, or you break them too. Its clichéd to say “rules are meant to be broken”, but the fact of the matter is that if you do, you just break your own rules. Would you be willing to risk it? No one will call your parents to set matters right, no one will ask for an apology letter to be written for missing a lab. You write your own apologies, you stand up for your mistakes. It’s a wild world out there; and like I said, a degree is just an excuse to teach us to live in it.

It’s funny how aspirations change in four years. Back in first year we wanted the world. We thought of us as the best. We freaked out and had the best time of our lives. By second year we started getting used to the system. It grew on us; or rather we grew on it. Third year, we saw what great placements our seniors got and were enthused to beat them. (We did, but that’s not the point!). Fourth year, more than half the brats has a job in their hands and they know what awaits them (a smaller chunk missed out on jobs, thanks to the R word!). No more dreaming, no more fantasizing. Plain simple truth, you know where you stand in the heap of 500 students. Eventually we learn to live with them. We have to, have no other choice do we?

Ten years down the line, things that we crib about would hardly make a conversation. These are just passé. We are a great batch, and we will forever remember the good times, the bad times and the fun times. I can picture it, some days down the line we would be chatting away in the same olle gallery about the good times wishing that they would never end. Talking hours about how we made the best of what we got. The classes bunked, the night outs, the beer parties at Brigades, the road trips down the nooks and corners of Bangalore rural, the ‘acoustics’ in class…we had our share of both good and bad.

Sitting around lazing in our rooms we dream about what might be in store for us in the future. But having been in college for four years, we know it’s just a futile attempt. We can’t change who are. College either makes you breaks you. We just walk into the vast empyrean hoping for the best.

There is so much here. And we do take a good share of it. We take our friends and all the good times we shared with us. We only hope that one day we all might get together over a beer and catch up and relive those memories and rekindle the spirit of the Wonder Years at UVCE!

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