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The *Four Astriks* of Publishing a Technical Paper!

Scribbled by Bharath C On October 04, 2009

Here is a paper from the Autumn 1997 issue peer-reviewed journal Population Trends by J. Haskey:

Spouses with identical residential addresses before marriage
an indicator of pre-marital cohabitation

In case the title is too obscure, the abstract offers this helpful clarification:

It outlines previous background research which has provided good evidence that identical addresses (before) marriage are likely to be ones in which the couple pre-maritally cohabited.

God, I wish math papers were this easy to publish. I’ve already got a stack of potential papers:

  • Number theory — Divisibility by 2 an indicator of being even.
  • Algebra — The presence of = symbol an indicator of equality.
  • Calculus — The existence of a derivative an indicator of differentiability.
  • Meteorology — The sky is blue, unless it’s night or it’s obstructed by clouds.

What would you write about?

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