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Of seeing "Bondas" as "Pee-it-zaas"

Scribbled by Bharath C On January 26, 2010
I am so very annoiyed by the waiy our so-called uber-aurban-lads and lasses speak English using faike Aussie or American accents. Infact, its so damn annoiying to the heights!, especially, when some freaky a-word comes up and blabbers somethings that sounds like a piece of s-word coming out of a key-hole!.

And what's more?, the syndrome is soon turning pandemic!. Now, I am getting to see a wee-bit of it in everyone - ranging from the watchman at ***** (I mean five stared hotel ;-p) to people at Academical Institutes to the global studs of these Academical Institutes! and to the people driving cabs.

I have indeed been following the metamorphosis over the years, more so, during the few times when I have travelled on flights. I have always been blessed to have some sort of a stoopid "chick" sitting besides me and be talking all sorts of chickly-chickking-chicken matters to her coursemates, mostly with girls in a faike Amei-ri-caan or Ouss-trai-lian accent, with a mix of a very localized Kannada or a dialect of "Madras Baasha". I swear!, the accents would be like --
"Owww!, chooo chweet- I yam missing ya. When are you cam-ming to some dumb plaice?. Whay, dant ya gimme a kaal sum-taime tomarrow?"
or much worse when they call the hostress and say
"Haw much auf moi taime wood be waisted on ower jerni? You knowing aa?".
Holy cow!,they would try to roll their tongue and talk like some freaky coconut tree is venturing from their throats. Everytime when these "fake dumbasses" talk, they would talk and show his/her fake accent as if their stereotypically-pathetic-throats are made in America. I'd feel like spanking their heads and telling them how how they would insult themselves, their mother tongue, their Country as well as insulting the American and Australian culture!

I mean..I don't blame them if they are from overseas or they are very fluent and been able to converse in such way, but still..What is so wrong about being what you are!? What is wrong in conversing in English Language as the English that they know and as the English that they speak? Infact, isn't this some sort of a "self racial abusing"? Isnt this racism at its grass roots? Isnt this a case of peremptoriness on ones own culture, country and language?. What is so trendy in losing out on your native accent? What is so stylish in trying yo imitate someone else's accent? Moreso, with some of them being so very "adulterated" that those stupid fake accent and end up being mumbling instead of speaking, as if they were stuffing some bondas or pee-it-zaas in their mouth.At the end of all this,the worse thing is that they already look like some deep stupid snob.

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