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!nversed Poignancy!

...I am an eclectic amalgamation of many seemingly paradoxical things. This can be exemplified in both my seemingly endless persistance on many topics and arguments, as well as my careful cautiousness on other topics and arguments. This is largely due to how astute I am of the topic: more knowledge, more persistant; less knowledge, obviously more cautious. I also have times of obsessive compulsions regarding certain things (mostly just my thoughts, however)...

Life and Death

!nversed Poignancy!


An assembly

Possibly impossible

Perfectly interchangeable..


That lives most upright

Beyond the unspoken

Neither a squiggle nor a quibble..

She and Me

!nversed Poignancy!


A daffodil

Tyrannizer of me

Breaking the colors of dusk!..


The rising sun

Infringed with violations

The impurity in the salt..

Love and Poetry!

!nversed Poignancy!


A puerile desire

Buried in the heart

Never leaves..


Sentimentally melodramatic

Cursively recursive

My thoughts idiotic!

Tragic reflections mark my disappointment
I am

indisposed in my mordent resentment

the everyday thoughts of my loss

vivid and long-enduring memories of the past
flood my being

anger fuels my soul
my becoming is unreal

found discreetly crying
stumbling toward the Hell of mental collapse
over the securities I lack but demand

dejected by God
undemining regret
my patterns of thinking become more decrepit

confused and homesick
overwhelming disbelief

driven to covet
all the little things that remind me
of this shattered dream from which I awoke

unable to concentrate on anything but the lies
watching my accomplishments become what I despise

my heart - every beat hurting

only to
mindlessly self-reflect
as if I'd find the reason

treading over the fragmented pieces of hope
scattered all around me

immobilized by the realization of intention
& the future I'd be suffering

I feel it
this life

ripped from my sanctum
sick in my sadness

and I won't forgive
but I learn

a little over-protective and obsessive
because I'm scared

but I'm here

my mind - my fist
rightfully the reason
you should consider the consequence
when you say
"What if..."
-!nversed Poignancy

*Some random stark stuffs after a loong loong time of poetry, I guess :)*
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